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(Est. 1955 as Bixler Motel) From the 1980 History of Moniteau County: In 1955 Dan, Elizabeth and Wilson Bixler saw the need of a motel in Tipton. The Dick Brothers Construction Company built 12 units, which were opened in June, 1955. Dan, Elizabeth and Wilson Bixler owned and operated "Bixler Motel" until selling it to Thornton and Della Huff, January 1, 1970. On October 1, 1971, Raymond and Louise Dick purchased the motel, changing the name to Twin Pine Motel. They are the [1980] owners and operators. Motel was purchased by chunk and Susan Henry in and around [2000],They later sold the motel in 2008. Presently there are 26 units, eight of those being efficiency units.This motel is a top quality motel, not usually found in a small town. There is also golfing, swimming and tennis available for guests.